August 20, 2020



Dear Parents and Guardians:


These continue to be some very uncertain times as I mentioned in an earlier letter. We had been focused and committed to offering a choice for parents based on the results of our survey given at the end of June. Soon after, the Board of Education approved the Return to School plan, reflecting the desire of our community members. From that moment, our team had been working furiously to ensure the implementation of this plan would support the needs of our community, while abiding by the guidelines set forth by the CDC, IDPH, and ISBE. We were confident that we could provide a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for all our students.


However, on Friday, August 14th, ISBE and IDPH issued updated guidance for reopening school that has led me to recommend to the Board of Education that our district revise our blended plan and revert to Remote Learning for all students until October 16, 2020. We don’t feel confident that the changes recommended by the IDPH can be effectively followed as currently outlined.


I do know that what we all really want is to have our students back in school as soon as possible, but safely. As your Superintendent, this is a heartbreaking recommendation to make. I want so much more for our students, and I understand the challenges of remote learning. I know that this will come as difficult news for some families and students, and particularly for parents and guardians who have child care difficulties. This is a very challenging predicament for everyone.


We have spent the summer preparing our facilities and programs to support best practices such as social distancing, handwashing, and arranging for smaller cohorts of students. We are ready for students to return to school when the circumstances allow.


The first day of school will remain Thursday, August 27. All students will be taught remotely until further guidance from the ISBE and IDPH. As we learn information, it is my sincere desire that we can revisit the in-person learning option for our students. Hopefully, soon we will return to some sort of normalcy.


Please reference your respective school website for more information on obtaining your student’s supplies, materials, and Chromebook, if needed.


All the best,




Dr. Dwayne Evans