Superintendent's Message

From the Desk of the Superintendent 

Dr. Donald A. McKinneyMcKinney

I am super excited to get the 2018-2019 school year started.  This will be my 31st year as a public school educator, and I have never been more excited about public education than I am now.  Teaching and learning looks so very different than it did when I started in 1988.  We now use standards to guide our instruction, and we have assessments that truly let us know which kids are learning and which are not.  Beyond that, teachers now receive extensive training on how to meet the needs of students who are struggling.   

Why do your students have early dismissal twice a month?  Because that is the time teachers are analyzing data, meeting in teams, and learning how to make a difference for each and every one of their students.  The challenge is to not only create a RISE! for students who are struggling, but to ensure those who are excelling can RISE! to their fullest potential as well.

This past year we focused heavily on utilizing data to guide instruction, improve overall instructional strategies, and improving the overall climate in each of our school buildings.  We did this with a lot of heart and while CELEBRATING all that is right about District 157.

This year we will continue the efforts started last year and build upon them with becoming a more inclusive District and revamping our Response to Intervention program to so that it better meets the needs of students and staff.   

As you have heard me say before, I believe that School Districts and the individuals schools that make up the District are service organizations. It is our job to meet the needs of you, our consumers/constituents. If you have any insights that would help us on our RISE!, we would be happy to hear from you. Please feel free to call or email my office or get in touch with your child’s principal. We are here to serve.


Dr. Donald McKinney