Hoover-Schrum Memorial SD 157
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Superintendents Parent and Guardian Letter 2020-2021

August 14, 2020

Parents and Guardians,  

Thank you for your continued support to Hoover-Schrum Memorial School District during this time of crisis. This has not been an easy process and very unfamiliar territory that we have all been working through, so thank you for your patience, support, and understanding. 

In the face of the pandemic, we have been faced with many different challenges, which have taken a toll on everyone. I don’t bring this up for sympathy but to emphasize that even so, we are where we are and we have to find ways to support each other in our community and our students.  

As schools around the state, country, and world continue to grapple with an unprecedented challenge of educating our students, we have been working feverishly to finds ways to support  members of our community, especially our students.  The return to school process has not been easy. Some school districts in the state are returning to remote learning, hybrid learning models or in-person learning models.  We surveyed our parents in early July, and the results of our community survey informed us that our parents wanted a choice.  In response to your request, District 157 has selected an in-person model with a choice of remote learning as well.

At the moment, our districts will offer remote learning for approximately 65% of our students and in-person learning for 35%.  The Hoover-Schrum administrative team has focused on how to provide the most robust remote and in-person model of instruction for our students.  Our team is committed to being a part of the solution in getting our schools safely reopened and keeping them open.  

In support of our parents, teachers and support staff, our maintenance crews continue to work with building administration to clean and sanitize our buildings.  Our technology team has ordered laptops for our students, rewired internet structure, acquired a new student management system, and trained our staff on a number of new student interface systems.  

Like most of us, I am anxious for the coronavirus crisis to subside so we may return to normalcy. However, we have to work with the situation as it is now and do the best for the parents and students of our community.  The first official day of school is August 20, 2020 for students (remote and in-person).  Please review each school’s website for more detail.  

Our staff at both campuses and district level prides itself in ensuring that our students have a high quality educational opportunity for our students. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards so that there will be no shortage of opportunities for your student to feel challenged on a daily basis with high quality instruction.


The administrative team and support staff are aggressively planning for the next school year.  Maintenance is doing an outstanding job ensuring that the building is in excellent shape.  Our registration process has begun. If you have not registered your student, please do so immediately.  

Throughout the year, we will continue to keep you informed on your child’s progress.  However, we need your support as well in these challenging times.  If your child is taking advantage of remote learning, please monitor their academic progress daily. If your child is involved with 

in-person instruction, please monitor their temperature and do not send your child to school if they are not feeling well.   

Remember, we are here for you, please be there for us.  Together everyone can make a difference.  

Best Regards,

Dr. Dwayne Evans