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WELCOME TO Hoover-Schrum MSD157

Welcome to another amazing year of teaching and learning in District 157. Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, a major focus of our staff and administration was on celebrating all that is right with District 157. We know that through celebrating all that is right, we find the courage to fix what is not right. The 2018-2019 school year will be a year of District 157 RISING!  We are awakened. We know we have amazing things happening all across our District and we know that we have a community that supports us in so many incredible ways. Last year this bulletin addressed the vision of both the Superintendent and the Board of Education; a vision that has an undeviating focus on student achievement. We can affirmatively say that District 157 is indeed RISING! as we have test data that shows our students showed amazing gains on the MAP assessment that is given three time throughout the school year. The building administrators and theirs teaching and support staff have the data to prove that what they are doing is working - - - and we will continue to RISE!

With each new school year come some changes. One of the most exciting changes that we are so proud of is the decision to bring many of our special students who were placed in out of District programs back into their home District. District 157 is a District of inclusiveness, and over the next several years we will be putting staff and programs in place so we can bring back even more students. Whenever educationally appropriate, the best place for any child to learn is his or her neighborhood school. To those student and parents who are coming back into District, we all say WELCOME! 

 District 157 has a policy about community engagement. We want you to be involved. Please volunteer, be a part of our PTO, or find some way to be a part of all that is happening in your local school District. The Superintendent and Parent Liaison are now proud, active members of the Calumet City Chamber of Commerce. We want to engage our entire community in helping us reach new heights of success on our RISE!  Be a part of the GREATNESS.


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