Superintendent Responsibilities

1. Carries out all policies established by the Board of Education. Responsible for providing

professional leadership for the educational program of the schools, and for the development of a system of regularly reporting to the Board all aspects of that program. 2. Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development: for keeping current with the literature and best practices: and for attending appropriate professional meetings and conferences that contribute to the development of the total district philosophy of educational collaboration. 3. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Board of

Education LEADERSHIP: 1. Promotes and maintains a positive district climate; works effectively with students, relates with staff; relates effectively with parents; relates effectively with community agencies to establish and maintain a positive tone and atmosphere within the District. 2. Ensures that policies, procedures and school rules promote a safe, respectful and healthy school environment. 3. Directs the annual operating budget with the Business Manager and assumes responsibility for implementation of

the Board approved budget. 4. Serves as District Representative for employee negotiations. 5. Recommends to the Board adoption of district goals and performance measures. Provides leadership and direction to ensure policies, regulations, and procedures are aligned with the district’s vision and Board adopted goals and performance measures. 6. Utilizes the district’s technology to enhance the curriculum.

COMMUNICATION 1. Keeps the public informed of the status of the school and the District as a whole. 2. Ensures meetings of administrators, teachers and other staff members are conducted as necessary for the discussion of matters concerning the improvement and welfare of the District.

OUTREACH: 1. Represents the District in its dealings with other school systems, institutions and agencies, community organizations and the

general public. 2. Coordinates with the Board Members all Board of Education events. 3.

Responds to the curriculum and service needs of the community and student population by

addressing the issues of cultural, social, and economic differences. STAFFING: 1. Fosters an

environment that encourages continuous learning and improvement on the part of school staff. 2. Ensures that protocols are in place to develop and implement an effective system for staff development focused on improving the educational and operational programs for each of the schools in collaboration with the Board of Education.

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: 1. Develops fiscally sound budgets, providing strong management which prioritizes resources in support of instructional programs while maintaining sufficient cash reserve. 2. Ensures financial procedures and accounts are maintained and that audits are performed on an annual basis. Communicates any audit findings by a third-party to the Board of Education with recommendations for corrective action.

OPERATIONAL AND FACILITIES MANAGEMENT: 1. Makes administrative decisions necessary for the effective and efficient operations of the schools. Acts on own discretion when emergency action is necessary in matters not covered by the Board of Education policy.

Additional Qualifications:

Illinois Superintendent’s Endorsement 2. PERA Certified 3.Record of Proven Leadership. 4.

District Level Experience (Preferred). 5. CSBO Endorsement or a Strong Background in School Business and Finance.


Twelve month contract 2. Salary and benefits shall be negotiated with the final applicant.

Evaluation: Reports to and is evaluated by the District 157 Board of Education